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Bathroom Tile Installation - 5 Tips For Success

Bathroom tile installation is a great upgrade for any bathroom. Many homeowners tackle this job themselves. It's really not that hard provided you learn about the tricks that you must get right. For example think about these five tricks for bathroom floor tile installing.

A firm foundation.

Floor tile can be installed over all kinds of surfaces. But the one essential needed for a good installation is stability. Often bathroom floors have some water damage and are a little bit spongy. If a floor has any give to it at all, that's a floor that will have cracked tile. There is one sure way to have a solid floor and that's to use cement board as an underlayment for your floor. Be sure to learn about cement board.

Start at the right spot.

Bathrooms are often smaller rooms. You'll be cutting tile to fit on at least two walls. Make sure you start in the center or at one of the walls so the cut tiles are least visible. Nothing looks worse than tile grout lines that are running off at an angle from a wall right in plain sight!

Plumbing done right.

The toilet will have to come up for floor installation. Make sure you're ready to reset the toilet. Have all the hardware on hand. Be sure the mounting bolts are long enough for the new toilet height.

Lots of cuts.

In a small room like a bathroom, you'll get to do quite a few bathroom tile trimming cuts. You'll need your nippers for any curve cuts, like around the toilet. Plus you'll need at least a small tile saw and a tile cutter board is helpful too. None of these tools has to be very expensive. Even light duty tile saws aren't very expensive.

Grout is key.

Grout isn't waterproof. Water slowly seeps through regular masonry grout. So it's a good idea to keep bathroom tile grout well sealed. Also consider using an epoxy grout in a bathroom tile installation. This grout solves the grout leaking problem. But epoxy is highly toxic and not safe to breathe. Get a good mask.

Ceramic bathroom tile is practical and beautiful. With the right information, most anyone can install tile and produce a professional looking job. Just get the few key tricks right and you'll have a great addition to a bathroom.

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