Monday, 21 July 2008

Whirlpool Bathtubs to End a Long Day of Skiing

Skiing is a great hobby. It is a terrific way to stay in shape, it offers a great excuse to get away for a weekend, and you can find some of the best hot chocolate ever in the ski lodge! It can also make you extremely sore, and exhausted after a long day of hitting the slopes. The best part of a full day of skiing is when you get to the bottom safely, on your last run of the day and have a long soak in a hot Whirlpool Bathtub.

Skiing isn't a new activity. It was actually pre-historic Nordic people who invented skiing. Though, they used it for hunting purposes. It helped them track down game, and move more quickly in the snow. Of course over time it has evolved, and turned into a pastime instead of a means of surviving. Today thousands of people enjoy the scenery and sport from east to west.

A good day of skiing begins early in the morning, sometimes too early! But you have to get out there and soak up the day. Skiing isn't something you can always do all day, until you're tired. There are hours of operation, and the slopes are typically open a normal day, 8-4. Some mountains offer night skiing, where the trails are lit by what look like street lamps. By the end of the day, after more than a dozen runs down the trails, chances are your feet are cold and you may or may not be able to feel your fingers. At this point, you know it's time to call it a day. People say that the most dangerous run of the day is your last one, because you're usually tired and hardly paying attention.

Once you safely make it to the bottom of the hill, it's time to appreciate your day. Hopefully the snow was like powder, the lines to the chair lifts weren't too long, and if you're lucky, you have some hot chocolate waiting for you. Then, comes the very best part of the day. It's time to enjoy the Whirlpool Bathtubs at the resort! There is nothing better than sitting in the Jacuzzi bath tub and reflecting back on the day, while getting warm and sipping hot cocoa. Feeling the jets massage your sore and achy muscles is rewarding. The bubbles make you drift off into the night. If you're hesitant about learning how to ski, or skiing for a full day, just concentrate on the last run and getting back to your cozy hotel and drifting off into the oasis of hot water!

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