Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Marvelous Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bathroom and Increase Your Home's Values

The Yellow Bathroom
Your bathroom is your private sanctuary. It has to provide a soothing atmosphere that you will surely need after a long day at work. The idea is to pick out colors that will be relaxing to the eye and help you unwind after a grueling day.

Yellow is a popular bathroom theme as its suits every kind of mood. A sunny yellow color in the bathroom uplifts the spirit to help jump start the day and infuse the body with energy each morning. With the right lighting and correct accents, the same color can also become an inviting background for a luxurious soak in the tub to end a tiring day.

Building up the yellow bathroom
Contrary to popular belief, working around a yellow theme for your bathroom is really easy. In fact, depending on the shade of this sunny color, you can actually match a wide array of hues since Yellow is isolated to only work great with generic white or even creams. Deep yellows will look good with greens or lighter shades of blue. If you're trying to create a bathroom that will suit both sexes, sunflower yellow will be great with amber. Gray and beige will also create a more neutral interior.

With a yellow bathroom, you'll have a wide array of decorating options available for you. You can keep it plain and simple by combining the color with other solid hues. You can also be more adventurous and choose bolder hues and interesting accents. The idea is to choose a shade of yellow that will suit your personality and build the room from that backdrop. Your bathroom is your private sanctuary so you're pretty much free to do with it as you please. Yellow is one of those colors that is so easy to build on and the trick is to just choose the right color combination to bring out the best and interesting hue.

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