Friday, 18 February 2011

Wild and Wonderful Styles of Bathroom Vanity Sinks

For the last several centuries, a sink was just a sink. It was a well into which water could be dumped, pumped, or run. Whether it was made of tin, soapstone, or porcelain-covered enamel, it was designed to be purely a functional item kept in the working areas of a home, the kitchen and bathroom. Now, however, style is the name of the game, and people want their entire homes looking up-to-date and modern. Although you can still buy traditional bathroom vanity sinks, they have been making way for the styles of the 21st century. A sink isn't just a sink any longer. It is an artistic statement of your good taste.

To start with, the vanities themselves don't have to be plain, rectangular, and utilitarian any longer. Many of them look like pieces of fine furniture with rounded fronts, open shelves, glass doors, and unique hardware, and they provide a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Add some of the fantastic sinks that are available to any of them, and you'll be as proud of your bathroom as you are of the other rooms in your home. When you entertain, your powder room will be a sure hit with guests, because the décor will look so sleek and modern.

For a long, long time, sinks were white porcelain bowls used for washing and brushing teeth. Nobody thought about making fancier ones, and it's likely that no one would have purchased them if they did. It took the forward thinking of the 21st century to make the idea of designer bathrooms really take off. You can purchase lovely marble, granite, or composite vanity tops with sinks as integral parts of the whole. No more cleaning crud from around a drop-in sink, and no more replacing caulking that keeps the sink from dripping down into the vanity.

Many of the sinks you'll find are separate bowls that sit on top of the vanity. This style a modern adaptation of the 19th century pitcher and bowl sets. These sinks can be round and made of glass, large rectangular porcelain tops, a glass basin set into a glass countertop which stands on legs on the vanity top, or one of dozens of new, unique styles. By incorporating these wild and wonderful styles of bathroom vanity sinks into your décor, you'll show everyone that a sink isn't just a sink any more.

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