Friday, 25 February 2011

Top Tips to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Cleaning is never high up on anybody's list of favourite activities but is essential in the bathroom where damp and humid conditions can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

If you have a lot of people using the same bathroom space, then it's important to keep on top of the mess that can be made from soap scum, hair, limescale mould and all the other bathroom nasties that build up over time.

The good news is that bathrooms are one of the easiest rooms in the house to keep clean. Many of them are tiled top to bottom and ceramic bathroom suites can be wiped clean in seconds. Here are a few top tips for keeping on top of the cleaning regime and making sure your sink and shower sparkles:

Prevention - to keep cleaning to a minimum put in a small amount of effort every time you wash. Always open a window or switch on your extractor fan to clear steam and humidity before a hot bath or shower as this is the best way to beat mould and mildew. Also, a quick rinse round the bath, shower tray or sink basin after you have washed or cleaned your teeth will prevent the build up of soap scum and grime.

Scrape your shower -If you have a shower enclosure or cubicle with glass doors or a glass bath screen, condensation can leave annoying water marks when it dries. Invest in a squeegee and get in the habit of running it across the shower doors or glass every time you shower and it will keep your glass clean without the need for hand polishing.

Tackle the towels - wet towels are a big source of germs and bacteria in the bathroom, especially if they don't dry properly. Wash them regularly along with any other bathroom fabrics such as bathmats and dry them thoroughly after use on a radiator or towel rail.

With a bit of effort when you use the bathroom, the weekly clean should be a breeze. To make it even easier, when cleaning the bath, sink and shower tray, spray them with cleaning solution and leave it for a few minutes to set in. This will ensure less effort is required when you come to scrub off the soap scum as it should just wipe clean. And for mirrors, glass and windows, swap the expensive cleaners or sprays for a mix of white vinegar diluted with water to give them a gleaming shine.

Bathroom are easy to keep clean though the warm, damp conditions are ideal for mould and bacteria to breed, and soap scum and grime can build up quickly on your bathroom suite and tiles. Take these few simple steps each time you wash and shower and you will ensure your bathroom stays sparkling and fresh all the time without the need for hard scrubbing.

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