Saturday, 5 June 2010

Keeping Your Home Bathroom Germ-Free

The bathroom is a place where we clean ourselves but it is also a place where microbes live because of the favorable environment. So here are some ways you can minimize microbial growth in your bathroom:

  1. Always remember that most microbes thrive on water and they are mostly mesophiles which means they live in normal temperatures. So always keep places where you keep your toothbrush, sponge, facial wash and/or shave dry.
  2. Use disinfectant sometimes but not often. If you clean your bathroom daily, do so, but don't use disinfectants as often. Disinfectants will dilute most microbes; however microbes develop a factor for defences against common disinfectants. So more resistant microbes will thrive in your bathroom because the less resistant has either adapted to the disinfectant or that less resistant microbes have already dissipated and are replaced by more resistant ones with no more competition in the environment.
  3. Keep soaps away from cleaners. Soaps are disinfectant for your body and not for the tiles of your bathroom. Use separate storage for your cleaners and soaps and other toiletries, because they can cause harm to your skin or your kids' sensitive skin.
  4. Do not keep wet towels together and place it on the hamper or hang them over each other after use. Because wet environments are favorable to microbes it is advisable to dry them separately and not on the same hanger or place. This will also prevent you from having smelly towels.
  5. If your tiles already have moulds, steer clear of it. Use disinfectants and ethyl alcohol to kill the microbes and then brush it with cleansers. Also advise your kids to wear slippers in the bathroom when there are moulds. Moulds can cause fungi infection and allergies.
  6. Use gloves when cleaning. You could get blisters while cleaning your bathroom and using a scrub. So use gloves to avoid rashes and blisters. When you get blisters, it would become the entry of the microbes and this could cause the start of an infection. If you did get blisters while cleaning, wash your hands with soap and then alcohol if you can withstand the stingy feeling you get when using it.
  7. And, last but not the least is that if you have a wide window or if you have a floor to ceiling window, then it is advisable to have a curtain that has the same size as the window and has a neutral shade. The curtain should not become the focal point of the bathroom; instead it should just help accentuate the whole bathroom. Always remember to keep the things in your bathroom dry and well aired to prevent the buildup of of mould and unhealthy bacteria.

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