Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Apartment Bathroom Decorating Tips

It's perhaps the least thought of room in your new apartment, yet far and away the one that almost everyone who visits will remember the most -the bathroom! Yes, whether your floorplan allows for a closet-size commode (complete with crescent moon cutout on the door) or a gigantic bath suite fit for a king (including a throne!), your bathroom is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who enter.

First things first - get cleaning pal! There are few more off-putting things than a grimy sink coated with hard water soap scum, although your don't-look-directly-at-it toilet is in close contention. Get some heavy-duty cleaner (something with bleach is ideal), and get scrubbing. Drop in 'toilet cakes' can be a great way to keep your bowl so fresh and so clean, but if you have pets be sure and read the label, as many are hazardous to animals. And a plunger is NOT an optional accessory! Buy one and leave it there, the more expensive the model the better (it will pay for itself with one disaster-avoiding use).

Some unsightly issues might be beyond your control; odds are good, for example, that your apartment community manager might frown on you tearing up the floor tiles. Try adding a new floor rug instead - you'll be amazed by how much it livens up a drab floor. Try and avoid clutter around the sink by purchasing a small item holder. You can find very fashionable ones at stores such as Target that are perfect for collecting your toothbrush, comb and razor into one stylish carousel. Remember, the under-sink cupboard is there for a reason, so hide bulky items such as the hairdryer and curling iron out of sight.

Towels are something most people use every day but never feel the need to update, so ditch that Spuds Mckenzie beach number you've had since 1987 and get some real thread count going. Consider throwing on a new coat of paint and add a matching new shower curtain and you'll be amazed at the results. Last but not least, add a scented candle for some pleasant ambiance, and you'll finally have an apartment bathroom worth bragging over.

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