Sunday, 12 April 2009

Overcome Small Space Issues in Your Bathroom With a Corner Bathroom Vanity

A corner bathroom vanity specifically designed to overcome the disadvantages associated with owning small bathroom spaces. These vanities are elegant in design and can snuggle into a corner in your bathroom, leaving you with more room to accommodate other fittings.

Bathroom corners are places that have least purpose and hence utilizing this space to accommodate a sink or faucet in sync with a mirror and vanity cabinet is a good idea. It does not mar the appearance of the bathroom in anyway and in fact increases its aesthetic appeal by clearing out the cluttered space. Corner bathroom vanities as the name suggests are usually shaped like a piece of a round pie or a quarter circle with the curved end projecting outwards while the pointy end fits easily into a corner that is ideally shaped to accommodate it.

Bathrooms are a most private and personal space in which a person spends at least an hour each day. The importance of having an elegant and spacious bathroom can never be underestimated.

Nobody likes to wake up early in the morning and step into a moss infested damp, dark and slippery cave. The best bathrooms are spacious and well lighted with room to store vanity items and towels. Some bathrooms are large enough to accommodate a dressing table. Even though everybody desires a spacious and elegant bathroom, very few homes can spare the space that is needed to build one. Therefore, most homeowners have to satisfy themselves with smaller rooms that are usually overcrowded with accessories and bathroom vanities and cabinets. The wash basin, faucet or sink coupled with the toilet and shower space takes up most of the space leaving practically no space to install a vanity cabinet or space to store towels and other accessories. This is where a corner bathroom vanity can come in handy.

You can buy a corner bathroom vanity in a multitude of colors shapes and designs. The material used for their construction might be granite, fiberglass, wood or metal. They also come in different genres such as antique, traditional and elegantly modern. There is also the option of ordering custom made corner bathroom vanity fittings that suit the color and shape of one's bathroom. Common accompaniments to corner bathroom vanities are cabinets, faucets, mirrors and counter tops.

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