Friday, 13 March 2009

Building a Shower Pan an Easier Way

Building a shower pan the traditional way is a risky deal. Did you know that even experienced professional tile setters argue about the best way to build a shower pan? Get it wrong and it's a huge mess. Here's the problem.

See a tile shower floor is not waterproof. Water goes right through the grout between the tiles. Some water even makes it through the tile itself. Here's the hidden secret to a tile shower. There's a waterproof membrane built in to the shower floor. The trick is getting that membrane built into the masonry shower. It isn't easy to do.

There is an alternative. The alternative completely eliminates the masonry in a shower pan, but you still get a solid feel to the floor. This alternative is actually what many professionals are using now instead of the old masonry shower pan.

Schluter-Kerdi makes these shower kits. The kits include several pieces that most anyone can install. Instead of a masonry base, you use a foam base and curb sloped just right for proper draining. You put the base down first. Over the base you install a preformed shower pan that's ready for tile installation right on the base. The other piece to the kit is the special drain made to work right with the other pieces.

So you get:

  • a leak-proof shower,
  • a solid feeling base,
  • a tile ready shower pan,
  • no mortar,
  • no puzzles about installation.

No need to learn all about building a mortar base to do a shower pan installation yourself. Just follow the instructions and build a pan like many pros do now. It's easier, less mess and no great hidden mysteries to figure out.

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