Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bathroom Vanity: Why You Need Bath Vanity in Your Bathroom

Bathroom vanity fixtures have come a long way since their old counterparts. While these used to be staid old structures in the earlier days, today bath vanity cases are stand alone pieces that deserve their own recognition.

Things to look for
If you plan to purchase a bathroom vanity then you need to ensure certain things. You need to assess your own personal design style for your bathroom. The kind of vanity you purchase will largely depend on this aspect. In addition to this, the overall bathroom size will also have a large impact. The bigger the bathroom the larger the vanity can be! The kind of vanity you purchase will also depend on the amount of storage space required by you. You should also decide if you will be using the vanity space for self grooming on a daily basis. If so, then more attention to detail and comfort is needed. Other aspects that require attention include if the vanity will be the main focus in the bathroom as well as if you want double or single glass sink installed inside the vanity.

Remodeling choices
There are plenty of choices in terms of designs, available in bathroom vanity selections. You can browse online to see some of the common design choices that are available. Many people like to decorate the bathroom as lavishly and expensively as other parts of the home. After all, people do spend quite a bit of time here!

Works of art
Bathroom vanity selections are varied and unique in nature. You can find hand painted versions, which offer a unique style statement inside any bathroom. In addition, you can also opt for comprehensive kits, which include mirror as well as countertop. However, most of the time, accessories will need to be bought separately.

Space measurement
Before purchasing a bathroom vanity you need to measure available space in the bathroom. This will determine the size of the vanity that you can accommodate in the bathroom. Commercial versions of vanities range in size from 18 to 50 inches. You should also consider the height of the vanity as this is often neglected. You need to invest in a vanity, which is the right height to ensure optimal comfort.

Customized vanities
Bathroom vanity can also be ordered as per customized design choices. There are many materials used in such vanities ranging from stone, MDF as well as wood. You can get these vanities made as per the designs, colors and shapes that you want for your own bathroom.

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