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Shopping Online For Your Bathroom Vanity

Shopping online for bathroom vanities and vanity cabinets can be a smart way to remodel your bathroom. Not only will you be able to find more choices than you might in a regular supply store, but you will also be able to compare prices to see if you're getting the best deal possible. However, with these benefits come responsibility on your part to know what you're choosing and whether it's the right fit for you. Here's a primer that will help you find the best cabinet or vanity for your needs - at a great price.

Know your size

The first thing you will want to do is measure the distance from the wall to where you want the front of your vanity to be. Most bathroom vanities can be found in widths of under thirty inches to up to six feet. While you might want bathroom vanities to be larger in order to store more things, this can also cause your bathroom to appear cramped and much smaller than it really is. To help you with your measurement, you may want to find a cardboard box that can simulate the various sizes of bathroom cabinets online in order to get a clear mental picture of what your bathroom might look like once it's installed.

Know the wood color and texture

Just as there are hundreds of bathroom vanities, there are dozens of colors that you can choose from in terms of vanities. Some of the more traditional colors include wood veneers like cherry, maple, oak, and walnut. You can also find natural woods that are merely covered with a shiny sealant. Or you may opt for a glass cabinet or shelving system. You might also want to choose a particular color that falls in line with a theme that you have picked out. No matter what color you choose, you will want to ask for a clear picture of the cabinet first before you actually purchase it. A computer screen can sometimes distort the color that you see on the website.

Know the type of cabinet you want

While it seems fairly obvious what vanity cabinets are, bathroom vanities can range in size, shape, and purpose so you will want to know what's out there before you start shopping. Some of the common types of cabinets include:

" Shelving - This can be open, recessed, surface mounted or be placed in a corner. Choosing shelving means that any items that are stored here will be in plain view of anyone in the bathroom.

" Cabinets - Just like the name, these bathroom cabinets will be fully enclosed with doors of wood, glass or another material.

" Countertops - What type of countertop do you want

" Sink - The vanity that you choose may be determined partly by the type of sink that you want. If you want a vessel sink, you must find a vanity that accommodates that type of sink. If you want an undermount sink, then you should narrow your search to those vanities that have that type of sink.

When you're online

Knowing what the descriptions mean when you're shopping online for websites will allow you to pick the best fit for your needs as well as receive the cabinets that you really wanted. Most online retailers of bathroom vanities and vanity cabinets will have a customer service phone number that you should utilize if you have any questions.

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