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Bathroom Styling Pointers


Bathroom lighting can make a large distinction in a small bathroom or it can be used to make an old bathroom look newer than it is. Bathroom lighting can make a difference in your bath area too, it highlights curves and edges, making your bath look broader than it really is.


A large bathroom could use the storage space offered by a cupboard outside of the bathroom. But if you have the space then an internal storage area is often much more useful, when stocking up on toiletries etc. In general a stylish bathroom requires adequate lighting, good aeration, fitting and fixtures that are attractive, and plenty of storage space. For items that will stay on ledges and shelves, its always a good idea to find ornamental storage items to enhance the furnishings. Use turntables to lessen storage for tall bottles of toiletry ware.

Safety or Style?

Well hopefully we won't lose either but converting a bathroom into a safer place without losing style is difficult. Even a small chair would be a nice addition to a bathroom, but is it safe in a bathroom? Any piece of furniture will help to diminish the space of a practical bathroom and add fashion, colour, and affection. Many people spend time going over the latest styles on basins, countertop materials, and trying to find the perfect colours, without taking into consideration aspects of safety. This is the way it really should be, the idea is to make your bathroom look great without worrying about red-tape and rules. But it's always an idea to give safety a small proportion of thought.
Styles and Tones

Traditional or Contemporary?

Traditionally styled fixtures and fittings scare people often because there associated with being "old". However old is not always bad, the traditional ranges are often featured in a wide range of prices so it's possible to accomplish a high-end appearance without paying a fortune. Traditional styles have withstood the test of time. Contemporary designs are classed as fresh and clean while still informal and elegant, contemporary decorating balances a "new" look with traditional styles.

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