Friday, 20 May 2011

Compact 1500 Freestanding Bath for the Ultimate Luxury in Smaller Bathrooms

With most of the houses facing a major space crunch the bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller. It is not very suitable if a big bath tub is kept in the bathroom blocking away the entire space. Going for the 1500 freestanding bath is the best option and advisable in a comparatively smaller bathroom.

These compact bath tubs range from being chic and ultramodern with minimalistic designs to the very elaborate Victorian styled tubs. The 1500 mm is the perfect size not too small neither too big and is very comfortable for having a bath. If the bathroom is very small and having a bath tub is a must the 1500 freestanding bath can also be converted to a showering space plus a bath style. Thus you can convert it to a shower bath and it will serve the purpose of showering as well as having a lavish bath while saving a lot of space in your bathrooms.

Various freestanding baths options available

These baths are available in sizes from 1500mm to as big as 1900mm and a desired size can be chosen as per the requirement and the bathroom size. There are various options in the baths with great quality ceramic baths from Royce Morgan, as well as the freestanding traditional cast iron baths and also the very modern, sensuous and ultra designs of the crystal baths.

1500 freestanding bath - examples

Royce Morgan Clarence 1500mm Freestanding Bath: The Royce Morgan bath design of Clarence is very compact and a perfect size for the smaller bathrooms. With clean geometric lines and an unusual but very edgy and geometric shape it makes a great choice for the semi modern styled bathrooms. It has a minimalistic appeal to it and has great designed feet.

The bath has a smooth lavish white ceramic finish and measures (L) 1500mm (W) 700mm (H) 580mm. The twin skinned acrylic bath is luxury personified. You can get the tap holes drilled as per requirement.

Royce Morgan Eton 1500mm Freestanding Bath: The Royce Morgan Eton is a slipper bath with amazing curves and a very smooth lavish design. A compact yet a very luxurious design, it is great for the smaller bathrooms that wants a dash of royalty. The flow and curves are so elegant and the design is very ergonomic to provide the maximum comfort and rest.

The luxury bath measures (L) 1500mm (W) 740mm (H) 770mm and is furnished with a twin skinned acrylic finish for a plush appeal. It comes with 2 tap holes drilled on to it and you can fix the appropriate mixers fillers and showers as required.