Sunday, 13 March 2011

3 Tier Black Glass Bathroom Trolley for Your Bathroom

A bathroom trolley is bathroom rack or an organiser with wheels. It can be wheeled around the bathroom for use near the bath, shower and the basin. Having three tiers provides ample space for keeping all the required accessories and toiletries.

The 3 tier black glass bathroom trolley comes in two shapes the square and the oval. The black glass and the chrome body make it a nice, chic and a contemporary design to adorn the bathroom. Glass is always a great medium to inculcate for the glamorous look.

The three tiers can be segregated according to use, the lowest one for the bath and the middle tier for the basin and the top most for the shower. The first tier at the bottom can have a set of soap, loofah and a scrubber, while the second tier can carry a soap dispenser and a hand wash and a lotion. The topmost one for the shower can be stacked with body gels, shampoos and conditioners. The trolley tiers being made of glass are easy to clean than that of wood or metal. Metal usually rusts or wears out due to use while wood needs to be varnished or polished from time to time. The black glass however can be spotlessly clean. You just need to wipe away with a damp cloth or maybe use some glass cleaner. The caster wheels are well made and high quality. They are very easy to wheel the trolley around. Even with a lot of things stacked into it, the trolley wheels carry it around with ease.

How will you choose between the oval and the square bathroom trolley? The 3 Tier Round Black Glass Bathroom Trolley is a perfect choice if you have all the fittings and the bath styles curvy and oval or round. Suppose that your bathroom has a perfect synchronisation of geometric designs and sleek edges for the bath and basin. If the designs of taps, mixers and shower are also minimalistic and clean geometric cuts then one can go for the 3 Tier Square Black Glass Bathroom Trolley.

You can stack away the various bottles, soaps and other things in this trolley with wheels. They will help keep the bathroom neat and clutter free. You can wheel them around different areas in the bathroom hence there will be no need to have separate racks in all corners. This means that less drilling the walls and spoiling them. It also means saving a lot of space.

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